Azureus Vuze Network Monitoring Results

Here are the the results of torrent throttling data from January 1st up to and including 13th April 2008. Resets can and do happen when using any service on the internet but significant amounts resets and collection of more of this data overtime can spread more light on throttling practices.

Throttling does not just affect those downloading pirated content but it also effects those downloading open source software and paid legit torrenting sevices.

I have Sigecom/WOW (I was on Sigecom before WOW bought them out) and a few months ago I started having a terrible experience with torrenting. When my torrents constantly go high then drop to low or no speed and my internet browsing becomes incredibly slow or fails even though my torrents are using a small amount of bandwidth available.

Full pdf report

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Source: TorrentFreak

ASN Network Operator Unique
Hours Median
12026 SIGECOM – SIGECOM, LLC. 1 233 48.11%
14 1179 25.96%
29737 WOW-INTERNET – WideOpenWest LLC 11 1741 10.21%
29780 WOW-INTERNET-CLV – WideOpenWest LLC 1 421 4.56%
29895 WOW-INTERNET-COL – WideOpenWest LLC 1 2 14.15%
29859 WOW-INTERNET-ILL – WideOpenWest LLC 1 120 11.42%