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Firebug – Download Almost Any Steaming Media

Using FireBug plugin for Firefox you can see all the requests the browser makes for videos, songs, pictures, website files, etc. Look for the larger file while playing media on a site and download it. Your video won’t be black though, that’s just the nature of recording/screenshoting a video, without proper settings to do it […]

New Google Keyword Trends Tool

Like Google Trends, Google Insights for Search lets you compare popularity of keywords in search. What makes Google Insights different though is that you can filter by industry category, specific regions, and time frames. You can also just choose a region and category and see what people are searching for, instead of comparing keywords you […]

Azureus Vuze Network Monitoring Results

Here are the the results of torrent throttling data from January 1st up to and including 13th April 2008. Resets can and do happen when using any service on the internet but significant amounts resets and collection of more of this data overtime can spread more light on throttling practices. Throttling does not just affect […]