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Firebug – Download Almost Any Steaming Media

Using FireBug plugin for Firefox you can see all the requests the browser makes for videos, songs, pictures, website files, etc. Look for the larger file while playing media on a site and download it. Your video won’t be black though, that’s just the nature of recording/screenshoting a video, without proper settings to do it […]

How To Convert Zune Playlist zpl to m3u or wpl

1.  Browse to My Music under My Documents and open the Zune folder. 2.  Copy the zpl file you want to your Desktop and rename it to wpl. 3.  Open the wpl with Windows Media Player (zpl and wpl are basically very similar) All your songs from the playlist should be in Now Playing and […]

NetBeans PHP Project on Dreamhost Advanced Setup

This guide will show you how to setup a PHP project in NetBeans covering a complicated situation, such as files behind public root. PHP support is new in NetBeans so hopefully this guide will help some new comers to NetBeans that want to use it for PHP websites. What some may experience when first using […]