SimCity Enhanced CDROM Video Files List

  • NEWS.MVE – news intro
  • NEWS1.MVE – split personality guy sexually assaults himself
  • NEWS2.MVE – clam donuts cooking report, tornado and transportation guy “no place like home”
  • NEWS3.MVE – monster destroys IRS and credit card company
  • NEWS4.MVE – 90 yr old flasher, nuclear meltdown may explode, don’t panic!
  • NEWS5.MVE – earthquake, sim city, big one, massive, destruction!
  • NEWS6.MVE – nuclear meltdown near station, “i dont have insurance”
  • NEWS7.MVE – black velvet elvis painting can cause cancer, earthquake/fires, aftershock
  • NEWS8.MVE – founders day parade, monster funzilla attacks the station
  • NEWS9.MVE – major plane crash disrupts city transportation, exits are front, rear, and sides of sim city, leave your tray table up
  • NEWS10.MVE – every thursday the city should wear green, no real reason, its the mayors favorite color
  • NEWS11.MVE – bad news: nuclear meltdown near mall, good news: plenty of free parking
  • NEWS12.MVE – earthquake knocks out power, power is restored, emergency program launched to get rid of blinking 12:00
  • NEWS13.MVE – plane crash results in huge fire, if fire spreads near you an oxygen mask will drop in front of you…
  • NEWS14.MVE – flood flood flood, canoes are a fun way to travel
  • NEWS15.MVE – tornado wipes out everything, more importantly my hair is ruined i just had it permed
  • NEWS16.MVE – disco fire, burn baby burn that mother down!
  • NEWS17.MVE – news station fire arson, guy pours gas on her desk and asks for a match
  • NEWS18.MVE – flood, stores still open for business but didn’t expect liquidation
  • NEWS19.MVE – DC-10 plane crash picks up a spare at bowling ally, black box not found among empty mini-liquor bottles

Firefox Ctrl+B toggle Bookmarks Toolbar like Chrome

Pressing Ctrl+B in Chrome opens and closes the Bookmarks Toolbar. By default, Firefox Ctrl+B toggles the Bookmarks Sidebar. Here is how to apply the same shortcut key to Firefox as in Chrome. The Bookmarks Sidebar will still be accessible with Ctrl+I.

Install keyconfig.xpi posted in the mozillaZine forums. It is not an official hosted plugin. There is also a keyconfig wiki.

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How To Convert Zune Playlist zpl to m3u or wpl

1.  Browse to My Music under My Documents and open the Zune folder.
2.  Copy the zpl file you want to your Desktop and rename it to wpl.
3.  Open the wpl with Windows Media Player (zpl and wpl are basically very similar)
All your songs from the playlist should be in Now Playing and no other songs.
4. Right-click on the title bar to get to the hidden menu or press CTRL+M for Classic Menus.
5. Go to File > Save Now Playing List As…, then change the format to m3u or wpl.
Source: Zunescene (

You can also open m3u into Winamp. Then, using the gen_yar.dll (Yar-Matey! Playlist Copier v1.07) plugin you can export the files from the playlist to a specified folder, such as an SD card or flash drive.

Update: I found a program that will convert to m3u and pls directly from the file to a specified location.
Zune Playlist Converter by HazteK Software

NetBeans PHP Project on Dreamhost Advanced Setup

This guide will show you how to setup a PHP project in NetBeans covering a complicated situation, such as files behind public root. PHP support is new in NetBeans so hopefully this guide will help some new comers to NetBeans that want to use it for PHP websites.

What some may experience when first using an IDE such as NetBeans or Dreamweaver is the native tendency for these programs to guess what is best for you when it comes to your project paths and live site paths. One may be fustrated that when running their project off the IDE it will point them to someting like or upload their files to a similar wrong location in FTP. Especially when trying to mirror the directory structures and names locally and on the server. With the proper setup this can be avoided.

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