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Indiana LAN Party, AsylumLAN 32 August 2-3 2008

Over 30 Hours of Lan Party Madness! http://www.asylumlan.com Early Bird Registration One night only! Monday, July 7th, 2008 8pm-Midnight CST General Registration 4-seat maximum! Tuesday, July 8th, 2008 8pm CST AsylumLAN is back! Visit the official AsylumLAN website for more details.

Kirby meets Soldat

Teewars is a multiplayer 2D shooter. The game features 3D-accelerated sprite graphics, mouse-aiming, a grappling hook, some rather weird weaponry and a built-in multiplayer server. http://www.teewars.com

SimCity Action News

I recorded some the Sim City Action News segments from the enhanced version of the original Sim City classic game and put them on YouTube. It’s not all the videos I may record some more another time but I’m trying to think of other things to put up at the moment. I thought maybe I […]

Wiimote Keychain Light

So I signed up with Nintendo Power’s offer and received my free wiimote keychain. It grips easily with my finger on the B trigger and my thumb on A just like a real remote! However, the actual button to turn on the light is 1. Weird. All is identical to the real thing minus the […]