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FX 5200 install in Windows 7 with XP drivers

Windows 7 32bit automatically installed some generic Microsoft drivers (Standard VGA Graphics Adapter) for the PNY NVIDIA FX 5200 256mb, but just interacting with the desktop was laggy. It also only duplicated the display. I thought about trying the Vista ForceWare drivers from NVIDIA but the XP driver was newer. On NVIDIA driver search, Select […]

NetBeans PHP Project on Dreamhost Advanced Setup

This guide will show you how to setup a PHP project in NetBeans covering a complicated situation, such as files behind public root. PHP support is new in NetBeans so hopefully this guide will help some new comers to NetBeans that want to use it for PHP websites. What some may experience when first using […]

LAN Party Computer Prep Guide

This is a small guide for things your should do to your computer before bringing it to a LAN party. There is also a few problems and solutions to networking issues you may experience at a LAN. There are a lot of networking and support issues that occur with computers but I tried to limit […]

Wireless Router Setup

Most home wireless routers have wifi turned on out of the box. This way if you do not have cables running through your house and you plan to use wireless you can still get into the router’s interface. If you do not plan to use wireless be sure to turn it off first thing otherwise […]