NetBeans PHP Project on Dreamhost Advanced Setup

This guide will show you how to setup a PHP project in NetBeans covering a complicated situation, such as files behind public root. PHP support is new in NetBeans so hopefully this guide will help some new comers to NetBeans that want to use it for PHP websites.

What some may experience when first using an IDE such as NetBeans or Dreamweaver is the native tendency for these programs to guess what is best for you when it comes to your project paths and live site paths. One may be fustrated that when running their project off the IDE it will point them to someting like or upload their files to a similar wrong location in FTP. Especially when trying to mirror the directory structures and names locally and on the server. With the proper setup this can be avoided.

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LAN Party Computer Prep Guide

This is a small guide for things your should do to your computer before bringing it to a LAN party. There is also a few problems and solutions to networking issues you may experience at a LAN. There are a lot of networking and support issues that occur with computers but I tried to limit it specifically to what would happen at a LAN party.
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Wireless Router Setup

Most home wireless routers have wifi turned on out of the box. This way if you do not have cables running through your house and you plan to use wireless you can still get into the router’s interface. If you do not plan to use wireless be sure to turn it off first thing otherwise you’ll have an open connection for people to get into your network. So check and see if it is already running.

Here are the basics for setting up a wifi.

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Installing ATI drivers in Ubuntu 7.04 on Presario V2000

This worked on a fresh install of Ubuntu Feisty 7.04
on Compaq Presario V2000 laptop with ATI Radeon Xpress 200M (onboard)
Download ati-driver-installer-8.37.6-x86.x86_64 (i removed the .run, if that makes any difference)
(its for both 32/64bit)
type: sudo sh ati-driver*
(or type full name)
ATI installation gui should popup…
After thats done then go to…
System > Administration > Restricted Drivers Manager
Enable the ati driver, Reboot

To make sure its installed correctly
Open Terminal and type: fglrxinfo

This worked on kernel and continued to run games, etc after upgrade to and other updates
This also installed with already upgraded/updated

Using “aticonfig”:
The ATI installer will ask you to run “aticonfig –initial” the first time I installed it I skipped this and used the instructions above.
On a second install of Ubuntu I did run this and it failed. I don’t remember the messages exactly but it failed to write the new xorg.conf file (even with sudo). It does create a backup first though.
When trying to enable in the Restricted Drivers Manager it will fail because it says xorg does not exist.
So go into /etc/X11
sudo mv xorg.confg.original-0 xorg.conf
You can now enable it in the Restricted Drivers Manager, Reboot.

I originally installed (on previous ubuntu installation) version 8.36 but had to remove the .run (downloading from ATI driver support contains .run) and manually create several .deb packages (kernel, install, fglrx, etc). I lost those instructions but if you know what I’m talking about then you can try that if simply running the file in terminal does not work.