VNC Mirror driver detected as secondary monitor

I was having an issue with a program behaving as though there were two monitors. The ATI video card had dual ports but only one monitor. I tried many things like reinstalling drivers and making sure the display setting is not extended or duplicated.

Ultimately it was the VNC Mirror Driver. I was able to fix and then “break” again by toggling between Enabled/Disabled under Device Manager > Display Adapters > VNC Mirror Driver > right-click Disable. So I uninstalled the mirror driver.

Panasonic SC-HT900 freezing picture fix.

I bought a SC-HT900 couple years ago and not long after having it, video began to (if I remember correctly) freeze up when playing movies. I did some research and found out it is the decoder chip overheating. There are no fans or top ventilation in the disc player (SA-HT900) (although there is some vents on the bottom, lol what?). So I cut a hole in the top (this was a chore) above the decoder chip, which is on the green circuit board and says DTS, and put a 12 volt fan on it. Looked for a place on the circuit board providing the proper voltage and connected the negative to a screw for ground. The location to solder the positive wire to is (going by this picture I forgot to write it down) J328. There is C750 above that towards the back. The bottom of this picture is facing the front.




It is pretty quiet. I’ve been using it for years now, maybe a couple times a month without problems. There is supposedly another issue with a fan in the subwoofer that causes popping noises in the speakers. But I haven’t had this problem. I could probably fix it the same way. Here is how one person fixed it.

I doubt this is going to be of help to anyone since this system is so old, but I thought I would share. You never know.

Here is some detailed troubleshooting information about a freezing issue.

Fix messed up color in Netflix Instant Online

I started experiencing this problem with my Netflix Instant online video where there was streak lines down the left side. Also, there was a ghost image of everything in greenish blue as if the color layer was shifted over. Reinstalling Netflix didn’t fix it, and updating my video drivers didn’t either.

Here is how I fixed it.

Make sure Netflix player and video drivers are reinstalled or up to date just in case. I was not able to recently reproduce the problem by simply unchecking these options and watching the same videos.

Then in Windows Media Player..

Go to Tools > Options >Performance >
click the Advanced button under Video Acceleration and put check marks in the ‘Use high quality mode’ and ‘Turn on DirectX video acceleration’ boxes.


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