Armistead’s Ague Tonic Mouse Trap Tilt Toy

Found among other junk is a promotional advertising toy. It is a mouse in a meat storage room that you have to get into the mousetrap. The mouse has a little ball under it that it rolls on. The clear cover is close enough to keep it from flipping over, yet still slide around. There is a tiny little metal flap on the trap. It keeps the mouse in the trap unless you give it a little shake. But it also makes it a little harder to get into the trap without a shake as well.

The Armistead’s Ague Tonic label on the back and the pork meat on the inside show the connection of two businesses at William M. Akin & Company. Established in 1848 by William M. Akin Sr..

armistead ague tonic toy front armistead ague tonic toy back

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“I Need a Sugar Fix” Shirt by Brieland Graphics

2016 update: Original artist website Commented below!

shirt.jpgThis t-shirt was bought by me in possibly 1994 (going by the date it was copyrighted) in a store like K-Mart (which i think it could have been). The teeth, eyes, and anything else white is glow-in-the-dark. Since my purchase in 1994, I have never seen someone else wearing or know of anyone that has one of these shirts. This page will hopefully solve that problem. If you have any information on this rare peice of clothing or have one yourself, please use the comment area.

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