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Armistead’s Ague Tonic Mouse Trap Tilt Toy

Found among other junk is a promotional advertising toy. It is a mouse in a meat storage room that you have to get into the mousetrap. The mouse has a little ball under it that it rolls on. The clear cover is close enough to keep it from flipping over, yet still slide around. There […]

Chip Bug & Novastorm Badge

Some things I found while cleaning. I had this thing since gradeschool and found it while cleaning my room. Funny little pin you can wear. Collectible Novastorm badge pin that came limited with the game for PC. (PSX version was better.)

Wiimote Keychain Light

So I signed up with Nintendo Power’s offer and received my free wiimote keychain. It grips easily with my finger on the B trigger and my thumb on A just like a real remote! However, the actual button to turn on the light is 1. Weird. All is identical to the real thing minus the […]

“I Need a Sugar Fix” Shirt by Brieland Graphics

2016 update: Original artist website tasart.com. Commented below! This t-shirt was bought by me in possibly 1994 (going by the date it was copyrighted) in a store like K-Mart (which i think it could have been). The teeth, eyes, and anything else white is glow-in-the-dark. Since my purchase in 1994, I have never seen someone […]