Hide Your PC From Remote Access and Shares

Disable remote desktop:
Right-click My Computer > Properties > Remote Assistance
Disallow remote connections and assistance.

Disable shares:
Control Panel > Network Connections > open your connection
Disable File and Printer sharing.

Make sure firewall is enabled:
In your network properties
go to Advanced, enable the firewall checkbox
go to Settings and do not allow exceptions.

Stop computer from displaying itself on the network:
This is when someone else on your network is looking at My Network Places. Your PC still shows up even if you do not have any shares. This is how you can hide it.
Start > Run > “cmd” > “net config server hidden:yes”
If you use that option and you enable sharing in the future you need to turn it back on (hidden:no) or you will have to type shares manually.
To manually visit a share. Anywhere in Explorer address bar type //computername/share

Hide individual shares:
When creating a share append $ to your share name.
You will not see the share when in Network Places
Manually visit the share with //computername/share$

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