I wanted a program that simply downloads the newest podcasts automatically in the background and deletes the old ones. IcePodder is nice for doing this.

After setting everything up, just within the first sessions of messing around it stopped loading and was giving this error.

“Another copy of IcePodder is running. Please raise it, wait for it to complete, or kill it.”

It wasn’t in the tray, it wasn’t in System Monitor or listed in top command. I did a complete removal with Synaptic and removed its python dependencies and rebooted. After installing again it still was giving the error. I was thinking of manually making sure all configure files left behind were deleted but I assumed “complete removal” was supposed to do that. Then I came across a solution of deleting the config file. And it worked! Didn’t have to wipe out the rest of my settings. It will remove your download directory setting if you changed it and it has a few other settings, after all it is a config file. Just look into it if you wanna know what. I found out that even opening the file in read only (non-sudo) nano while its running causes this problem as well!

So if IcePodder thinks its already running then just delete “ipodder.cfg” under /home/[user]/iPodderData folder.


IcePodder is a Linux podcatcher/RSS client