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Remove AVG LinkScanner Search-Shield update

The installation wizard of AVG has been updated and you no longer need to run fancy command lines to install without Link Scanner or remove it. 1. Download the newest build of AVG from free.grisoft.com 2. Run the installation. 3. Choose ‘Custom installation’. If you already have AVG installed, it will ask what setup type […]

How to disable AVG LinkScanner

UPDATE: The following post is outdated and the best solution can be found in my new post about AVG AVG8 is has a really nice, new, and organized interface. The control panel and virus scanning are all under the same screen, except for virus vault and history log which are popups. AVG8 has a new […]

Azureus Vuze Network Monitoring Results

Here are the the results of torrent throttling data from January 1st up to and including 13th April 2008. Resets can and do happen when using any service on the internet but significant amounts resets and collection of more of this data overtime can spread more light on throttling practices. Throttling does not just affect […]

Hide Your PC From Remote Access and Shares

Disable remote desktop: Right-click My Computer > Properties > Remote Assistance Disallow remote connections and assistance. Disable shares: Control Panel > Network Connections > open your connection Disable File and Printer sharing. Make sure firewall is enabled: In your network properties go to Advanced, enable the firewall checkbox go to Settings and do not allow […]