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FX 5200 install in Windows 7 with XP drivers

Windows 7 32bit automatically installed some generic Microsoft drivers (Standard VGA Graphics Adapter) for the PNY NVIDIA FX 5200 256mb, but just interacting with the desktop was laggy. It also only duplicated the display. I thought about trying the Vista ForceWare drivers from NVIDIA but the XP driver was newer.

On NVIDIA driver search, Select GeForce 5 FX series > GeForce FX 5200 > Windows XP and download the latest version 175.19

Run the 175.19_geforce_winxp_32bit_english_whql.exe

It will extract to C:\NVIDIA\Win2k\175.19\English then say “Setup detected that the operating system in user is not Windows 2000 or XP”, then close.

Go to Device Manager (Run: devmgmt.msc) > Display Adapters > Standard VGA Graphics Adapter.
Right-click > update driver
Choose to browse computer for drivers and select the path to C:\NVIDIA\Win2k\175.19\English
Reboot after driver successfully updates

Device Manager now shows “NVIDIA GeForce FX5200″ Driver Date 5/16/2008, dual screens work, and the display is no longer laggy. This was not a gaming machine so I cannot say anything about that.

Dell OptiPlex 745
PNY NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 256mb
Hardware ID: VEN_10DE&DEV_0322&SUBSYS_01AD196E&REV_A1

VirtualBox Vyatta router lab with Masquerade NAT

How to setup Vyatta router bridged in VirtualBox on Windows 7 and connect another guest VM behind the Vyatta router on the VirtualBox internal network. I sometimes cut out reboot sequences and increase the video speed to help reduce overall video length..

You can add additional guests and use the IP of the Vyatta eth1 (internal int) for the gateway. VirtualBox will act as a switch. Use internal network adapters, promisc Allow VMs to communicate within VirtualBox.

Credit to the following for their helpful tutorials:
Vyatta install: MattersChris http://youtu.be/hSnB8yVGPF4
Masquerade NAT: http://n40lab.wordpress.com/2013/02/25/preparing-the-lab-vyatta-nat-masquerade/

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VNC Mirror driver detected as secondary monitor

I was having an issue with a program behaving as though there were two monitors. The ATI video card had dual ports but only one monitor. I tried many things like reinstalling drivers and making sure the display setting is not extended or duplicated.

Ultimately it was the VNC Mirror Driver. I was able to fix and then “break” again by toggling between Enabled/Disabled under Device Manager > Display Adapters > VNC Mirror Driver > right-click Disable. So I uninstalled the mirror driver.

Acer Asipre 5739G, replacing thermal compound

Laptop has been running hot and shutting off a lot lately. The GPU would get to 100C while playing Anna on lowest settings, for example. Red Faction would also overheat after some time, but would run without a shutdown if I pointed my 6″ desk fan at it.

I removed the back panel screws then popped it off with a precision flat-blade screwdriver. The panel lifts towards you, then pulls slightly back, as there are little tabs near the front of the laptop.

5739G back open

Removed the four screws from the video card. Be careful with it because it is held in underneath by the thermal paste on the GPU, and three pieces of thermal tape. It also lifts up at a slight angle at the connections, just like when removing/inserting RAM. You can see how the lettering on the GPU through the compound! Very thin. I put Arctic Silver 5 on the GPU and also on each chip instead of the tape. I cleaned off the GPU in the second picture, and eventually the edges.

5739G GPU removed

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