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Yahoo! Answers WordPress Widgets Plugin

A plugin for WordPress that gives you two widgets to show your Yahoo! Answers Questions and Starred / Favorites. These widgets have a few more options than a typical RSS feed simply loaded by an RSS widget. The statuses are reduced so they aren’t redundant (e.g. “Resolved Question:” is rewritten “Resolved:”) amung other options to toggle such as:

  • Show status.
  • Show category.
  • Show answer count.
  • Show comment count.

These are hidden by default when you create a new instance of the widget.

The widgets are built and tested on 2.9.2 with the WP_Widget class introduced for 2.8 and above.

Download at GitHub:

Screenshots: (actual appearance depends on your theme)

Yahoo! Answers Widget slimmed display
Slimmed Display
Yahoo! Answers Widget full options
Full Options
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How To Style Twitter Badge CSS for WordPress DarkZen

I didn’t like how the Twitter Badge looked with the DarkZen WordPress Theme. It was causing many gaps and breaking my tweets up in a way that one tweet would look like two or three. Luckily the Twitter Badge has good tagging to get specific on what I want different parts of tweets to look like. I’ll explain below how to use CSS to style your Twitter Badge after the screenshots; for DarkZen or any theme. I am using the Twitter Widget for WordPress written by Sean Spalding

Wordpress Plugins

Display Yahoo Answers on WordPress

Yahoo Answers has RSS feeds for Latest Questions and different categories. They also have a feed for your questions and starred questions. There is not a feed for your answers list. So I made a PHP script that scrapes the latest 5 from my public profile. You can choose to show or hide different items in the list as well.

Download it here

Examples of what you can do with your own custom styling…