Twitch VODs and Clips Discoverability in Search

If you want your Twitch VODs and any Clips made after stream to be found in Search and Browse results for specific category, make sure the Category and Title edited appropriately after stream.

After stream, change the category of your VOD to the game you played that stream if you want it to be found in search results. Also any other clips made will be labeled that category and found in browse. If you played multiple games, change the VOD’s category before creating each clip.

I cannot speak on any suspicions of the algorithm, how such changes effect it, or the likelihood of people searching and finding those clips or vods. However, from the one stream I tested, each change I made resulted in finding or not finding the VODs and clips.


SimCity Enhanced CDROM Video Files List

  • NEWS.MVE – news intro
  • NEWS1.MVE – split personality guy sexually assaults himself
  • NEWS2.MVE – clam donuts cooking report, tornado and transportation guy “no place like home”
  • NEWS3.MVE – monster destroys IRS and credit card company
  • NEWS4.MVE – 90 yr old flasher, nuclear meltdown may explode, don’t panic!
  • NEWS5.MVE – earthquake, sim city, big one, massive, destruction!
  • NEWS6.MVE – nuclear meltdown near station, “i dont have insurance”
  • NEWS7.MVE – black velvet elvis painting can cause cancer, earthquake/fires, aftershock
  • NEWS8.MVE – founders day parade, monster funzilla attacks the station
  • NEWS9.MVE – major plane crash disrupts city transportation, exits are front, rear, and sides of sim city, leave your tray table up
  • NEWS10.MVE – every thursday the city should wear green, no real reason, its the mayors favorite color
  • NEWS11.MVE – bad news: nuclear meltdown near mall, good news: plenty of free parking
  • NEWS12.MVE – earthquake knocks out power, power is restored, emergency program launched to get rid of blinking 12:00
  • NEWS13.MVE – plane crash results in huge fire, if fire spreads near you an oxygen mask will drop in front of you…
  • NEWS14.MVE – flood flood flood, canoes are a fun way to travel
  • NEWS15.MVE – tornado wipes out everything, more importantly my hair is ruined i just had it permed
  • NEWS16.MVE – disco fire, burn baby burn that mother down!
  • NEWS17.MVE – news station fire arson, guy pours gas on her desk and asks for a match
  • NEWS18.MVE – flood, stores still open for business but didn’t expect liquidation
  • NEWS19.MVE – DC-10 plane crash picks up a spare at bowling ally, black box not found among empty mini-liquor bottles

Best Buy selling non-GOTY Left4Dead for less.

At Best Buy today I noticed there is now new Left 4 Dead packaging as Game of The Year edition, which includes the new DLC (Survivor and the rest of the versus maps, and Last Stand) one the disc. This may be a great purchase for those new to Left 4 Dead, it will save you some updates download time, but probably not much. Look again you will see that Left 4 Dead is has now been dropped to $39.99 on Steam and in stores. However, the older package is being sold for $29.99. Buy this instead and then you will get all the content and updates through Steam for free that is in the GOTY box, and you will save $10. Hopefully you figured that on your own, but for those new to Left4Dead be aware.


It’s obviously a marketing gimmick to get more people excited to buy Left4Dead, but even now on Steam when you buy it, it is considered GOTY edition. The DLC came with the original release later on. It is almost like they are saying they released the DLC because it was game of the year. Would it not be weird if they put TF2 on the shelf with all the latest updates and called it Special Edition or something? Think about it.


Left 4 Dead MOTD Preview Template

This tutorial will show you how to make a template for viewing your MOTD offline so you can see how your MOTD is going to look without logging into your game. If you have the time, creativity, and some HTML and Photoshop skills this can help you really put some work into the design of your MOTD instead of just some text. This is not really a tutorial for making your MOTD. If you need more details on that visit they have a nice explanation.

I have prepared a template with this method already that you can download here. My template is in the resolution of 1650×1080.