Best Buy selling non-GOTY Left4Dead for less.

At Best Buy today I noticed there is now new Left 4 Dead packaging as Game of The Year edition, which includes the new DLC (Survivor and the rest of the versus maps, and Last Stand) one the disc. This may be a great purchase for those new to Left 4 Dead, it will save you some updates download time, but probably not much. Look again you will see that Left 4 Dead is has now been dropped to $39.99 on Steam and in stores. However, the older package is being sold for $29.99. Buy this instead and then you will get all the content and updates through Steam for free that is in the GOTY box, and you will save $10. Hopefully you figured that on your own, but for those new to Left4Dead be aware.


It’s obviously a marketing gimmick to get more people excited to buy Left4Dead, but even now on Steam when you buy it, it is considered GOTY edition. The DLC came with the original release later on. It is almost like they are saying they released the DLC because it was game of the year. Would it not be weird if they put TF2 on the shelf with all the latest updates and called it Special Edition or something? Think about it.

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I am a gamer. I don’t play online, but prefere to play agianst the computer. I bought Left 4 Dead on steam, which I did not get any instructions like I would have got in a box. I can’t figure out how to save it. I have to swicth from games to other programs back and forth all day, and it keeps starting over. Do you have any suggestions for me anyone.

Thank You

There is no saving. The campaigns are short enough to be beat in as little was 30minutes each, but take longer on other difficulties.

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