SimCity Enhanced CDROM Video Files List

  • NEWS.MVE – news intro
  • NEWS1.MVE – split personality guy sexually assaults himself
  • NEWS2.MVE – clam donuts cooking report, tornado and transportation guy “no place like home”
  • NEWS3.MVE – monster destroys IRS and credit card company
  • NEWS4.MVE – 90 yr old flasher, nuclear meltdown may explode, don’t panic!
  • NEWS5.MVE – earthquake, sim city, big one, massive, destruction!
  • NEWS6.MVE – nuclear meltdown near station, “i dont have insurance”
  • NEWS7.MVE – black velvet elvis painting can cause cancer, earthquake/fires, aftershock
  • NEWS8.MVE – founders day parade, monster funzilla attacks the station
  • NEWS9.MVE – major plane crash disrupts city transportation, exits are front, rear, and sides of sim city, leave your tray table up
  • NEWS10.MVE – every thursday the city should wear green, no real reason, its the mayors favorite color
  • NEWS11.MVE – bad news: nuclear meltdown near mall, good news: plenty of free parking
  • NEWS12.MVE – earthquake knocks out power, power is restored, emergency program launched to get rid of blinking 12:00
  • NEWS13.MVE – plane crash results in huge fire, if fire spreads near you an oxygen mask will drop in front of you…
  • NEWS14.MVE – flood flood flood, canoes are a fun way to travel
  • NEWS15.MVE – tornado wipes out everything, more importantly my hair is ruined i just had it permed
  • NEWS16.MVE – disco fire, burn baby burn that mother down!
  • NEWS17.MVE – news station fire arson, guy pours gas on her desk and asks for a match
  • NEWS18.MVE – flood, stores still open for business but didn’t expect liquidation
  • NEWS19.MVE – DC-10 plane crash picks up a spare at bowling ally, black box not found among empty mini-liquor bottles