CSS Javascript Checker

I wrote this little script to disable a login or hide any feature of a site that requires javascript to work properly. It also gives a message that javascript should be enabled. Since you can’t do anything with javascript to check for javascript if it is disabled, it does something when it is enabled. Sure you COULD just use NOSCRIPT but this way makes it more complicated and thus fun. Plus you can get a little more fancy with it.
download it

JSChecker disabled

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Display Yahoo Answers on your site.

Yahoo Answers has RSS feeds for Latest Questions and different categories. They also have a feed for your questions and starred questions. There is not a feed for your answers list. So I made a PHP script that scrapes the latest 5 from my public profile. You can choose to show or hide different items in the list as well.

Download it here

Examples of what you can do with your own custom styling…

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I wanted a program that simply downloads the newest podcasts automatically in the background and deletes the old ones. IcePodder is nice for doing this.

After setting everything up, just within the first sessions of messing around it stopped loading and was giving this error.

“Another copy of IcePodder is running. Please raise it, wait for it to complete, or kill it.”

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LAN Party Computer Prep Guide

This is a small guide for things your should do to your computer before bringing it to a LAN party. There is also a few problems and solutions to networking issues you may experience at a LAN. There are a lot of networking and support issues that occur with computers but I tried to limit it specifically to what would happen at a LAN party.
(as posted in http://www.asylumlan.com/forum/index.php?topic=1482.0)
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