Firefox Ctrl+B toggle Bookmarks Toolbar like Chrome

Pressing Ctrl+B in Chrome opens and closes the Bookmarks Toolbar. By default, Firefox Ctrl+B toggles the Bookmarks Sidebar. Here is how to apply the same shortcut key to Firefox as in Chrome. The Bookmarks Sidebar will still be accessible with Ctrl+I.

Install keyconfig.xpi posted in the mozillaZine forums. It is not an official hosted plugin. There is also a keyconfig wiki.

After the install and Firefox restarts…

1. Tools > Keyconfig (Ctrl+Shift+F12)

2. Click once to highlight Boomarks Ctrl+B

3. hit Disable

4. Click Add a new key button or double click on Bookmarks

5. Change the Name to Bookmarks Toolbar and paste this code:


Hit OK

6. With Bookmarks Toolbar highlighted click in the box next to Apply and then press Ctrl+B. Hit Apply. Then Close. Restart Firefox

Make sure that the Bookmarks Toolbar is checked on in View > Toolbars in the Firefox menu. Hitting Ctrl+B should now toggle the Bookmarks Toolbar instead of the sidebar. The Bookmarks Sidebar can still be toggled with Ctrl+I.

Source: Firefox Support Forums

Another code is also posted in 2010 in the Firefox Support Forums. But the short form above does work in Firefox 3.6.x

var E=document.getElementById('PersonalToolbar');

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Got it working in Firefox 4 with this code:

var b=document.getElementById(‘PersonalToolbar’);

I’ve created a small script for autohotkey, that acts as a macro to do this since I haven’t found any working script to use with keyconfig.xpi

If anyone is interested download AutoHotKey, create new script and paste:

Send !v{Right}{Down}{Down}{Enter}

This will toggle the bookmarks toolbar on/off with Alt+A key command … change first line of script if you want a different keyboard shortcut.

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