“I Need a Sugar Fix” Shirt by Brieland Graphics

2016 update: Original artist website Commented below!

shirt.jpgThis t-shirt was bought by me in possibly 1994. I think it was K-Mart. The teeth, eyes, and anything else white is glow-in-the-dark. I have never seen someone else wearing one of these shirts. This page will hopefully solve that problem. If you have any information on this rare piece of clothing or have one yourself, please use the comment area.

The shirt I own today was not the only one I ever had. I originally had one that got ripped on the shoulder. A new one was bought immediately (the one I have now). The torn shirt was found recently and since it was only worn a few times the color is in great condition.

Description of shirt

Graphics: Crazy character of orange color with green hair and purple tongue and palms. Arms are up high and spread out with legs in a running position. Below it reads “I NEED A SUGAR FIX!” Black shirt. White areas glow in the dark.

© Copyright Year: 1994


Shirt made by: AAA Alstyle Apparel & Activewear

Shirt details/care: 100% cotton pre-shrunk. Assembled in Mexico from U.S. fabric.
machine wash warm with like colors. only non-chlorine bleach when needed. tumble dry low. do not iron if decorated. RN# 55774

I used the character to spawn an inside joke with friends into crazy storyline about creatures in the Fruitopia vending machines. We call the guy a fruitopian. A Fruitopian Attack Flash video series and a Fruitopian Attack game were created.

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hey buddy,
actually i’ve seen one of those shirts..but i’m not sure where the people have gotten em. i can check around houston and see if there’s one…i saw on the other day. maybe if i’m lucky the person will come back so i can ask em. i’m not sure if going on ebay will help you out…but i can check for ya…ur always helping me out…i don’t mind helping u out on this one..prolly give me something to do til i go back to work on friday. i guess i’ll just message u on aim if i find something…lata buddy…

Do you know where i can purchase one of these- i have the bug a boo glow in the dark from 1991

I also have the bug a boo shirt from ’91, I’m eagerly seeking another due to the damage it has sustained.

I have a shirt of a vampire. It says “Penny for your thoughts…Nickel for your NECK!” The vampire is glow in the dark.

These posts are several yrs. old that im reading now.
Thomas, If your the artist for the sugar fix shirt ( Brieland
Graphics ), can you write to me.? I have hundreds of
Brieland Graphics t shirts, most in excellent condition.
I was going to get all the history in regards to Brieland
Graphics. It would be helpful if i could actually write to
an artist from Brieland.

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