LAN Party Computer Prep Guide

This is a small guide for things your should do to your computer before bringing it to a LAN party. There is also a few problems and solutions to networking issues you may experience at a LAN. There are a lot of networking and support issues that occur with computers but I tried to limit it specifically to what would happen at a LAN party.

I. How to prepare your computer for the LAN.

A. Change to IP settings to dynamic

  • 1. Start > Run > “control netconnections”
    Right Mouse click your network connection > Properties
    Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) > Properties
    Make sure you save you IP information, like a screenshot
    Select ‘Obtain an IP address automatically’
    Select ‘Obtain DNS server address automatically’
    Click OK, Click OK

B. Disable bridged connections.

  • 1. Start > Run > “control netconnections”
    Right Mouse click network bridge and disable. Bridged connections can bring a whole table down.
    If you have Wireless Connection turn it off while plugged in.
    Bridge connections between Wireless and physcial connection can cause problems.

C. Disable unwanted shares (personal information etc)
Make sure you aren’t sharing you whole harddrive.

  • 1. Browse computer and disable your shares you do not want.
    Shares are represented by a icon with a hand.
    Right-mouse click > Properties > Sharing tab
  • 2. Windows XP Pro. You can see what shares you have open easily.
    Start > Run > fsmgmt.msc
    This will display all open shares on your computer in a list.
    It’s also handy to see who is connected to shares (Sessions) and what they are leeching (Open Files)

D. Scan for viruses/spyware.

  • 1. Update your antivirus and spyware programs and scan your computer.
  • 2. A standalone virus scanner, Stinger.
    Not one type of scanner can always catch them all.

II. Networking issues while at the LAN

A. Game cannot find servers or LAN Play option unavailable:

  • 1. Make sure your firewall is allowing the ports or turn it off.
    Your firewall may be popping up alerts behind and the game where it can’t be seen.
    To disable Windows Firewall
    Start > Run > control netconnections
    Right-mouse click your connection > Properties
    Advanced tab > Click Settings
    Select Off
  • 2. Disable virtual network adapters installed by other apps such as XDrive or VMWare. The extra adapters may be interfering with the games connection.
    Controler Panel > Network Connections
    Right click and disable the virtual adapters

B. Network Places is not displaying shares:

  • 1. Change Workgroup
    Right-click My Computer > Properties > Computer Name tab
    “To rename this computer or join a domain, click Change.”
    Click change
    Rename the workgroup to something else such as your clan name or just something different.

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It’s a good idea to disable things like Hamachi and other programs that create virtual interfaces (you mentioned VMware..) I see these always breaking things.

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