VirtualBox Vyatta router lab with Masquerade NAT

How to setup Vyatta router bridged in VirtualBox on Windows 7 and connect another guest VM behind the Vyatta router on the VirtualBox internal network. I sometimes cut out reboot sequences and increase the video speed to help reduce overall video length..

You can add additional guests and use the IP of the Vyatta eth1 (internal int) for the gateway. VirtualBox will act as a switch. Use internal network adapters, promisc Allow VMs to communicate within VirtualBox.

Credit to the following for their helpful tutorials:
Vyatta install: MattersChris
Masquerade NAT:

Some of my notes:
sudo vim /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist
scroll to bottom
blacklist i2c_piix4

sudo update-initramfs -u -k all

sudo sed -i 's/T0/#T0/' /etc/inittab

set interface ethernet eth0 address
set interface ethernet eth1 address

set protocols static route next-hop

set nat source rule 10 outbound-interface eth0

set nat source rule 10 source address

set nat source rule 10 translation address masquerade