Yahoo! Answers WordPress Widgets Plugin

A plugin for WordPress that gives you two widgets to show your Yahoo! Answers Questions and Starred / Favorites. These widgets have a few more options than a typical RSS feed simply loaded by an RSS widget. The statuses are reduced so they aren’t redundant (e.g. “Resolved Question:” is rewritten “Resolved:”) amung other options to toggle such as:

  • Show status.
  • Show category.
  • Show answer count.
  • Show comment count.

These are hidden by default when you create a new instance of the widget.

The widgets are built and tested on 2.9.2 with the WP_Widget class introduced for 2.8 and above.

Download at GitHub:

Screenshots: (actual appearance depends on your theme)

Yahoo! Answers Widget slimmed display

Slimmed Display

Yahoo! Answers Widget full options

Full Options

MySQL PHP Table Viewer with Pagination and Sorting

Basic PHP MySQL table viewer. Just tell it the table you want to view and it does all the rest! Automatically lists all your fields and values for specified table; providing ASC and DESC sorting for each. Also has prevnext and number paging.

Options include:

  • Nice fields (on/off) – “field_name” gets changed to “Field Name”
  • Page numbers (on/off)
  • Prev / Next (on/off)
  • Limit per page

Demo / Download:



To people complaining about Facebook privacy rules.

The new privacy controls actually allow me to go in and LOCK DOWN MORE stuff than before and just have more control over many little things than before. But yes, they are encouraging you to be open and the defaults aren’t very private. So they are only half right about saying they are doing it for your benefit.

However, I would bet that even if no one posted private things but still wanted to interact with their friends and Facebook had default privacy locked down. Then new users to Facebook would have a bad experience, or not be as impressed with how “cool” Facebook is at staying connected and then Facebook would loose potential users.

People are going to complain either way. The problem is Facebook has so many features that there are too many privacy controls. So whether Faceook locks down by default or they leave open by default, people are going to complain that it is too much hassle to handle the privacy controls to have the experience the user wants. In the end the complainers (no matter how much or how little they want to share) are just to lazy to do things for themselves.

On another note about the recent interview with the Facebook employee. You’re surprised that something you put on a website is stored on a computer somewhere? It also sounds like they have a good start on internal policy with employees. If you look at someones profile you are prompted to provide a reason. If you’re reason is poor, you can bet you’re about to be fired.