asterisk 1.6 on centos 6.5 minimal

# sudo yum install wget

# wget
# tar -zxvf asterisk-

# cd asterisk-

asterisk- ./configure

checking for gcc… no

asterisk- sudo yum install gcc

asterisk- ./configure

checking for g++… no
checking for c++… no
configure: error: C++ preprocessor “/lib/cpp” fails sanity check
See `config.log’ for more details.

asterisk- sudo yum install gcc-c++

asterisk- ./configure

configure: error: *** termcap support not found (on modern systems, this typically means the ncurses development package is missing)

asterisk- sudo yum install libtermcap-devel

after configuration, asterisk ASCII art logo appears, no errors

asterisk- make

asterisk- make install


VirtualBox Vyatta router lab with Masquerade NAT

How to setup Vyatta router bridged in VirtualBox on Windows 7 and connect another guest VM behind the Vyatta router on the VirtualBox internal network. I sometimes cut out reboot sequences and increase the video speed to help reduce overall video length..

You can add additional guests and use the IP of the Vyatta eth1 (internal int) for the gateway. VirtualBox will act as a switch. Use internal network adapters, promisc Allow VMs to communicate within VirtualBox.

Credit to the following for their helpful tutorials:
Vyatta install: MattersChris
Masquerade NAT:


VNC Mirror driver detected as secondary monitor

I was having an issue with a program behaving as though there were two monitors. The ATI video card had dual ports but only one monitor. I tried many things like reinstalling drivers and making sure the display setting is not extended or duplicated.

Ultimately it was the VNC Mirror Driver. I was able to fix and then “break” again by toggling between Enabled/Disabled under Device Manager > Display Adapters > VNC Mirror Driver > right-click Disable. So I uninstalled the mirror driver.


SimCity Enhanced CDROM Video Files List

  • NEWS.MVE – news intro
  • NEWS1.MVE – split personality guy sexually assaults himself
  • NEWS2.MVE – clam donuts cooking report, tornado and transportation guy “no place like home”
  • NEWS3.MVE – monster destroys IRS and credit card company
  • NEWS4.MVE – 90 yr old flasher, nuclear meltdown may explode, don’t panic!
  • NEWS5.MVE – earthquake, sim city, big one, massive, destruction!
  • NEWS6.MVE – nuclear meltdown near station, “i dont have insurance”
  • NEWS7.MVE – black velvet elvis painting can cause cancer, earthquake/fires, aftershock
  • NEWS8.MVE – founders day parade, monster funzilla attacks the station
  • NEWS9.MVE – major plane crash disrupts city transportation, exits are front, rear, and sides of sim city, leave your tray table up
  • NEWS10.MVE – every thursday the city should wear green, no real reason, its the mayors favorite color
  • NEWS11.MVE – bad news: nuclear meltdown near mall, good news: plenty of free parking
  • NEWS12.MVE – earthquake knocks out power, power is restored, emergency program launched to get rid of blinking 12:00
  • NEWS13.MVE – plane crash results in huge fire, if fire spreads near you an oxygen mask will drop in front of you…
  • NEWS14.MVE – flood flood flood, canoes are a fun way to travel
  • NEWS15.MVE – tornado wipes out everything, more importantly my hair is ruined i just had it permed
  • NEWS16.MVE – disco fire, burn baby burn that mother down!
  • NEWS17.MVE – news station fire arson, guy pours gas on her desk and asks for a match
  • NEWS18.MVE – flood, stores still open for business but didn’t expect liquidation
  • NEWS19.MVE – DC-10 plane crash picks up a spare at bowling ally, black box not found among empty mini-liquor bottles