How to disable AVG LinkScanner

UPDATE: The following post is outdated and the best solution can be found in my new post about AVG

AVG8 is has a really nice, new, and organized interface. The control panel and virus scanning are all under the same screen, except for virus vault and history log which are popups.

AVG8 has a new feature called LinkScanner which puts green checkmark stars next to your search results on sites like Google. This is to verify that a link is safe. You can also report links. However, I think it is rather annoying and intrusive. You can disable LinkScanner in AVG but it will constantly warn you that you may not be protected.


Fix messed up color in Netflix Instant Online

I started experiencing this problem with my Netflix Instant online video where there was streak lines down the left side. Also, there was a ghost image of everything in greenish blue as if the color layer was shifted over. Reinstalling Netflix didn’t fix it, and updating my video drivers didn’t either.

Here is how I fixed it.

Make sure Netflix player and video drivers are reinstalled or up to date just in case. I was not able to recently reproduce the problem by simply unchecking these options and watching the same videos.

Then in Windows Media Player..

Go to Tools > Options >Performance >
click the Advanced button under Video Acceleration and put check marks in the ‘Use high quality mode’ and ‘Turn on DirectX video acceleration’ boxes.



How to save a CSV in Excel

This is the torture of saving a CSV in Excel if you take the typical steps of saving a file in any program; File > Save > Close program. (or Ctrl+S)

hit save
confirm csv format (you will lose formating omg!)
close excel
do you want to save changes? (didn’t I already save?)
yes – opens Save As dialog
hit save
do you want to replace file?
confirm teh csv format



Project Scrapelist

Project Scrapelist is offline.

I wrote a scraper in PHP that provides a cleaner search interface for Project Playlist and the power of Google spelling suggestions. For example eletrik haze has is a typo and returns no results. ” Did you mean: elektrik haze” is provided to correct your search.